CS Update: Rebuilding Our Roster

Mon 2nd Apr 2018 - 5:15pm : Gaming

We originally picked up our Counter-Strike roster as they entered ESEA-Open playoffs in Season 25. We made changes to the roster in the post-season to build a better practice schedule and accountability. After falling short in Season 26, we made adjustments again to bring in new talent and vision to the team ahead of winter break and next season. Unfortunately we were forced to make roster changes during the season to account for incidents beyond our control not allowing us to improve on our record season-over-season.

With the end of Season 27 and Q1 2018, we look towards the upcoming ESEA season with promise and new goals.

Effective with the ending of the quarter, Malachi "Romsecrets" Fry has seen his contract come to term and is officially a free agent pursuing a new opportunity with another team. Malachi was a dominating force and honorable teammate in Season 27 and while we would have loved to move forward with him, we wish him the best with his new crew and look forward to facing him again as an opponent.

Sean "sm0kE" Powell will be moving from a starting position back to his original role as coach after we finalize our roster, which may take until a few weeks into the regular season. While we value Sean's contributions as a player on the team, we see incredible value in his abilities as a leader and coach and wish to pursue this as an opportunity as we shuffle our roster.

For our final roster change, Dillon "Peachy" Pietsch will be moving to an alternate role alongside Rick "S37" Spencer for Season 28. Dillon joined our team during Season 26 and helped secure a DreamHack Denver Championship win while continuing to grow and develop his skills in other offline events and in our online leagues. We want to support Dillon in all of his activities both inside and outside of esports and are moving him to alternate to better align expectations in both directions. We look forward to utilizing both Dillon and Rick in the upcoming season and in offline events.

We're optimistic in our ability to build a strong team around our remaining star starter, Evan "Zequate" Ives. Through every season, Evan has consistently performed at the top of the team and has been a pleasure to work with. He, along with the other members of our roster, will help build a core team for Season 28 that will take us to playoff contention.

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