Bakednunu joins the Stream Team!

Wed 21st Mar 2018 - 5:52pm : Gaming

Hooked eSports is please to announce a new addition to our stream team. Please welcome Russel “Bakednunu” Manning to our roster of streamers!

“Joining Hooked eSports is a great opportunity for me to re-establish myself in an organized gaming community. It has rekindled my drive and focus on helping the community aspect of the organization grow and strive. Looking forward to all the great things to come in the future of Hooked eSports Organization as a whole,” said Bakednunu when asked about the opportunity to join the organization.

Bakednunu hails from Virginia and began gaming back in the Atari days of Pong. He enjoys playing a wide variety of games, most recently though, his focus is League of Legends. He also dabbled a bit with competitive Halo in 2004-2005, traveling to MLG tournaments to compete. His best result is a 3rd round appearance in an FFA LCQ bracket at MLG Chicago.

Bakednunu is joining Hooked eSports as a chance to enjoy playing games and help grow his communities. He also wants to give knowledge to younger members of his community to help them grow as gamers as well.

Bakednunu can be found at:

Twitch: bakednunu

Twitter @BakedNuNu

We are excited to have Bakednunu as a part of our stream team. Be sure to catch him and interact with him whenever he goes live! 


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